Mar 232016

Tomorrow is the marathon strip tease! And I PROMISE I will be partaking in the festivities! I wanted to start when I woke up but I literally just got a second job! So I'll just get on as soon as I get off work! Which will be around the early afternoon hours like 2 or so US time. I'll bring all my toys and costumes and such for you all to decide on what I should play with!I'm really excited to be able to broadcast from my own house now! Not having my internet in sucked almost as much as I do(; I can't tell you how much I've missed you sexy babes and can't wait to perform for you tomorrow! I've been going crazy knowing that you haven't seen from me in such a long while! I love having you all watch me and want to jump on camera tonight! But again sadly I can't, I've got things that need to been done hahaBut I will get on as soon as I can tomorrow and you better believe that I'm going to be just dripping for you allSo come watch and let's all have a good time!See you tomorrow love bugs

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Mar 162016

At first whenever I woke up this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed because I heard the rain outside my window. Nothing demotivates me more than rain. I just want to sit inside with my hoody on and mope around. Than, I remembered that I have so many wonderful gentlemen; and naughty boys, to chat with & it motivated me to get up and get moving. I took a steamy hot shower and put on my make-up, did my hair nice for you guys. Then I realized, there's no need to put make-up on what God already put his paint brush on, right? I could sit here all day and read the compliments that you guys give. I love it. This is the best company I have worked for. I have never been happier. For me to get myself out of bed on a rainy day and go to work; is a miracle! Haha. I look forward to seeing you guys daily because I know I will be looking for you in my chat rooms. You boys behave and I will talk to you/see you, later. Thanks for taking time to read my blog. It shows that you really are interested in me, and I like that a lot.Kiss! Kiss!

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Mar 092016

My dream destination would be Ireland. Just because of all the scenery and culture there. I would love for the chance to experience the old castles there and see all the history that has been left behind. I'm in love with other places cultures and to experience different things like the food, drinks, shopping and more. I'm an adventure addict and to just go somewhere on an adventure would be amazing!!!

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Mar 022016

So far I think Im in love! When looking for a fun hang out spot on the web there are many things one looks for...for starters...good people! And I can tell the customers here are 100% legit and know how to treat a woman. Another thing I love about hanging out here is the ability to dress in my most daring of outfits...or even in the buff. Tip me high enough boys and I will really show you what fun is! I also wanted to let you guys know that Im starting to add more and more to my wishlist. Please feel free (hehe) to send me a present and let me know you appreciate me. Everyone loves gifts and whoever gets me a present will get a vod of me modeling or using it! Now doesnt that sound like fun?? Me thinks it does! Some of my favorite things are: shoes, shoes and did I mention shoes? Costumes! Sexxxy dresses and lingerie sexy enough to make a mans heart beat faster and faster. Im also looking for a perfect vibrator, one that will curl my toes since Im all alone and need to keep myself very well pleased, lol. I really am looking forward to receiving these check out my wishlist guys and make this sexy lady a happy sexy lady lol... Well Im off to do some window shopping (and add more to my wishlist) before bed. Have sweet and very naughty dreams boys...I know I will be!xoxo,Bella

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Feb 242016

Hello gentlemen, This is my first blog entry. How excited I am to be online and able to meet my fans and to be able to do exciting erotic private shows just for you!Just letting you know that I am here and will soon be available for WebCam appearances. Please do contact me and let me know anything I should know about this website, how it works and what you would like to see. Anything that can help me be a better WebCam model just for you.This whole thing can be quite confusing so any individual that is kind and doesn't mind giving me the Cliff notes your help will be super appreciated.Also let me now if there are any particular times or days that work best.What type of outfit that you like best is it secretary, is it schoolgirl or dominatrix?What type of set design do you want to see me in? Masturbating in the shower or laying my golden blonde locks alongside a satin sheeted bed? I just recently moved to Las Vegas and I will be setting up a room specifically for WebCam shows so any suggestions are kindly welcomed.Looking forward to being able to tease and play with you soon...Kisses,Miss Brittany Andrews

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Feb 162016

Well it didn't go all according to plan. I couldn't get my dang webcam audio to work but you guys were so sweet in tryin to help. It's such a different experience but I look forward to the next time. It's hard to set a schedule because when you are caring for an infant it's pretty much their schedule to set. Hopefully I'll get one down soon :) I set a tip goal so I can get some pretty lingerie, I don't really have anything because my boobs have outgrown everything. Yeah I know it all comes off eventually but don't you like a little tease? I know I do!

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Feb 092016

Hey guys. My name is Willow. I'm 22, a college student and someone who's trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I love taking long walks (like 3 miles at least), doing yoga and biking. I've lost 25 pounds so far, but I still have a bit of a ways to go before I reach my goal. I'm a bit chubby, but I'm sure you'll love my plump yet firm ass ;)I'm very open to trying new things, both in the bedroom and out of it. My collection of toys is small but I'm really looking forward to expanding it (you guys can totally help me out with that). I totally need a bigger butt-plug since my baby carrot is just not cutting it for me. I also have a basic stick vibe, but like a greedy little girl, I want more. What I do love and can do is roleplaying. I love being people that I'm not. Whenever I watch shows or play a game, I see that sexy schoolgirl, the bar wench, the beautiful sorceress and in my mind, I make up a little fantasy of how someone fucks them. I can be bossy or innocent, alluring or peppy, and enjoy myself. I'm looking forward to flirting with you guys!

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Jan 262016

So I have been on for three days, and I already know so many people fake it. I want genuine people who want to be generous and kind. Don't tell me I'm fat daddy, I know, unless you want me fat then say it nicely. I like to know that I am being enjoyed not hated! Lol I know it's hard to not be able to touch or smell or taste. It's just not kind to take it out on me. Lol... On a high note, I love tips! I love e shows and having a great time with people who want to be with me and talk to me in my room. I am happy to be here and I have met so many good, generous, people and I hope the fun goes on and on! I hope all you daddy's other there start feeling generous and kind, I wish good things to the honest and say goodbye to the fake. Let's have some fun! Let's get naughty and nasty and hard-core so I can make my days better than ever! Let's get hot and nasty I would love to do more shows and yes keep those tips coming!! Kisses! Nicky

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